Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm a Princess

...and I've dated quite a few "frogs" in my time.

I even tried kissing one, but he didn't turn into a prince,

At least...not my prince.

I don't know how that fairy tale is supposed to work to tell you the truth, but I have a plan:

With my plastic tiara from junior year's Homecoming dance adorning my head,

A toy frog in my hand (just for fun),

And a gaggle of giddy giggling girls,

I am going to see this tomorrow night,

Then, at last I will know what I've been doing wrong.


Caroline said...

I love your Christmas post above but I couldn't find the link to comment :) THank you for sharing it I think you are totally right.. We forget about the reason to celebrate Christmas in the first place! Love your blog

Haley said...

haha that's cute. Let me in on the secret when you find out ;)

Kristi said...

So... any revealing secrets you'd like to share??

tscotriverside said...

ribbit, ribbit...

lovinlife said...

So, how'd that go over?


Love you!