Thursday, December 10, 2009


Do you want to know what the best part of my life is, thus far...

The part that fills my heart with love and my eyes with tears of joy...

The part that teaches me more about life than any college professor...

The part that solidifies my desire to be a mom every day...

It's being an Aunt.
Aunt Widsy. Aunt Hee-hee. Aunt Dzee-dzee. Aunt Poops (don't ask).

I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure my n&ns are the coolest:
#1 - Bobs was born when I was 6 and is basically my sweet little sister.
Quote: "Frankly, I don't wear a bikini."

#2 - Michael beats me at arm wrestling and has sweet skate moves.
Quote: (to his preschool teacher) "What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck?"

#3 - Whittles always has cool things to show me and makes me laugh.
Quote: "That is so delinquently choice."

#4 - Em thinks I'm hilarious and writes me sweet emails that make my day.
Quote: (in reference to a fly) "A bly! A bly!"
#5 - Samsta is sweet and does a hilarious Napoleon Dynamite impression.
Memory: When he named his cat "Bum Bum" so he could say it without getting in trouble.
#6 - Jessie is a good sport and does awesome character voices when narrating.
Quote: (on long road trip) "I'm dying back here and nobody even cares!"

#7 - Spence is a handsome little gentleman and an impressive athlete.
Memory: Playing basketball one-on-one with him in the driveway and getting schooled.
#8 - Jaker is a sponge of knowledge in everything from animals to Star Wars.
Quote: (explaining a Christmas present) "I received a Star Wars product."
#9 - Hai is thoughtful, creative and really good at UNO.
Memory: When she gets really into telling a story, starts talking super fast and only takes quick gasps of air between phrases.
#10 - Ether is sweet and never forgets to give hugs and kisses to everyone.
Memory: "I beasty!" (I'm thirsty)

#11 - Ammon-M loves to make people laugh, especially babies, and is a great artist.
Quote: "Joseph Smith was lucky...Heavenly Father told him he didn't have to go to any church..."
#12 - Johnny is always smiling and sharing his latest jokes and songs.
Quote: (to my sister when her date came over) "HEA-THER! Your BOY-FRIEND'S here!"

#13 - Bry is an energetic and sweet big brother and great helper.
Quote: (referring to a popsicle) "I like thticky ithe!" (I like sticky ice)

#14 - Matthew is great at soccer and has a contagious laugh.
Quote: "Dad said....."Poops" (laughs)"
#15 - Binny always gives me big hugs and sweet notes/drawings.
Quote: (when the toilet paper was all gone) "The toilet paper runned out of batteries."

#16 - Sadster spreads enthusiasm and loves doing girly things.
Quote: "I wuv Watatouille in the wuwst way" (I love Ratatouille in the worst way).

#17 - Sarah makes funny faces with me and loves to play with me on
Memory: Taking her picture. She is a natural at posing, smiling and making faces.
#18 - Smyler is a sweetie and loves to share his stories.
Quote: "Dzee-dzee, Neeny eet me!" (Lindsay, Ninny hit me!)

#19 - Smylee is fearless and loves princess things.
Quote: (after putting on hand santitizer) "I just...I just want to suck on my thumb, but it tastes yucky..."

#20 - Nater has an adult-like personality and always makes me laugh.
Quote: "Knock knock {who's there} a monkey {a monkey who?} a monkey's head (laughs)! Get it?"
#21 - Benj always says funny things and doesn't realize it till everyone laughs.
Quote: "Dat me, dat fweak me out!" (If that were me, that'd freak me out!)

#22 - Lyni has the most beautiful long eyelashes and is basically just adorable.
Memory: Scowling when she's feeling shy and feebly attempting to hide her smile.

#23 - Hy Guy thinks I'm funny and plays Hide & Seek with me none-stop.
Quote: "Widsy...Iss...My...Fave-ut...An...(claps)" (Lindsay is my favorite Aunt).
#24 - Bebe is adorable and has sweet witto chunky cheeks.
Memory: Holding her for the first time and stroking her fuzzy witto head.

I love those kids! And quite honestly, if being an aunt is this amazing,
I can only imagine what beautiful blessings await me in motherhood someday.

Welcome to our family, Bebe!

P.S. I totally called this! Go Danny!


Jalene said...

hahaha those were so cute. how funny.

Leon said...

I could go list a bunch of reasons why I'm jealous, but you've already them. So great. So many! Can you really remember all of their names?

Lindsay Kay said...

Haha. Oh yes, I remember much more than just their names!

marianne said...

those are so cute! they are all so blessed to have YOU as their aunt!!

Bubbly Thing said...

I can't wait to be a aunt ! 5 months to wait !