Sunday, December 13, 2009


I woke up this morning and looked out the window,

A thin blanket of fresh snow had fallen while I slept.

It was dark outside and difficult to pull myself from my warm blankets,

But eventually I found myself looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror

Tiredly doing my hair and makeup for church, as if on auto-pilot.

I decided to leave 5 minutes earlier that usual,

On account of the sleet that was now pouring from the sky

Freezing itself unpleasantly to its fallen brother.

By the time I reached the freeway, that decision proved to be a good one.

If the weather wasn't enough of a contributor to the slow traffic, construction made up for it.

The heater began to thaw my fingers and toes

As I waited in a cattle-like herd of snow-covered cars exiting the freeway.

Eventually, I was making my way through my regular route to church.

Suddenly, down the hill I saw traffic cones positioned between the lanes

And crowds of people making their slippery way across the crosswalk toward the Conference Center:

The Sunday morning MoTab Christmas Concert.

In a desire to avoid the sluggish mass, I turned to make a detour.

I patted the dashboard of my Civic encouragingly as we began the precarious ascension up our ever-inclining path.

A minivan made its way toward me on the slippery, narrow road.

I stopped. And waited for it to pass.

When finally the road was clear of oncoming traffic, I pressed lightly on the gas to continue the climb,

The tires spun forward, but slipped helplessly on the icy road, despite my continual prodding of the pedal,

And I began to make my way back down the hill. Backwards.

Thankfully, the brake overcame the slick ice and obeyed the quick shove of my high-heeled foot.

I stopped.

Then, I attempted to prod the gas pedal once more, but backward, down the hill I slid.

People stared. People passed.

A swift Jeep with four-wheel drive inched by with detestable ease.

I prayed a small, desperate, but hopeful prayer for safety

As the sleet tapped the windshield and dripped down its glistening surface.

Then, I reversed

And I turned around,

This time going back down the hill on purpose. Grateful to be in control again...


Grateful to be watched over and guided by He who has all control.

As much as I think I would like to avoid the "sluggish masses" that inevitably find their way into my life,

I am grateful for the guidance and perspective of a Father in Heaven who willingly guides my course,

Who catches me when I slip.

I have never regretted following Him, even when it's hard or when I'm feeling impatient,

Because the blessings He lovingly bestows always far outweigh the struggles and the disappointment.

Drive safely, everybody!