Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Good News & The Bad News

The bad news first? I think so.

So... I realized my pedometer was missing about 5 hours after my run yesterday morning. When I realized it was gone, I went on a walk, retracing every step I had taken in my run. I crossed the busy street and passed junior high kids as they walked home from school. A group of junior high skater boys said "Hey! How's it goin?" as I passed and, thinking nothing of it (teenagers don't really need excuses to do things "differently"), I responded, "Hey! Fine thanks." I walked a bit further and saw a little grey lump sitting in the middle of the parking lot. MY PEDOMETER! I quickened my pace and picked it up and held its little broken shell in my hands. The screen was smashed, the edges gashed (that rhymes!) and my poor little pedometer was dead. Run over by a car no doubt :(

You know how much I love my pedometer. What, with all the posts I've written about how it keeps me focused on fitness, the one about the time in San Diego that I walked double my daily goal around Coronado Island. :( I'm sad. Much more sad about losing this than I was about Madre sucking up my earbuds with the vacuum. I've been wearing my pedometer for the past like 3 years straight... So, I'm now on the hunt for a new one. Anyone know were to find an Omron Pedometer? They're amazing.


The good news?

Well, on my way back, the same group of little 14 year-old skater boys saw me coming and walked up to me. One of them said,

"Hey! What's your name."

"Lindsay," I responded, still walking.

"Hey, guys, this is Lindsay!"

The "guys" chimed, "Hey, Lindsay!" and laughed

Then he said, "Are you in high school? You look like you're in high school."

I laughed and said, "Haha. Nope I'm not. But thanks!" still walking.

"Oh. Well where do you go to school?"

I paused before responding...then turned and said,

"I'm about to graduate from the U of U."

You should've seen his face. That image alone made my day! Haha. Oh yeah! And the fact that I apparenetly still look like I'm in high school. BOOYAH!

The End.
Enjoy your Saturday :)


Rachel Allen said...

Love it! You are so darn cute, they couldn't pass up the chance to talk to you.

Chess said...

Hahaha, so glad to know I'm not the only one!!

Whitney said...

Woot! What a great compliment!

TheCoys said...

Looks like BestBuy has them for $35, free shipping. Tyler got me a Garmin watch/pedometer/heart-rate monitor that's pretty sweet. I'd recommend those too. That's funny that those boys were trying to hit on you. I was walking on campus one day during the summer and an EFY boy asked me if I was going to be at the dance that night, haha!

kristin brown said...

ha ha those darn junior high kids can't help themselves!!