Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One sunny Spring afternoon in January (yesterday to be exact) I was sitting at my internship desk sorting files, resizing images and organizing a pretty stinkin' gorgeous layout (if I do say so myself) when suddenly my phone started to buzz. The caller I.D. read: "Mama Mia". I smiled, flipped it open and answered quietly,

Me: "Hi, Mom."

Mom: "Hi, Lou. know those earphone things you used to have?"

Me: "My earbuds? Yeah, I still have them."

Mom: " used to have them."

Me: (pause)

Mom: "I accidentally ran over them with the vacuum and they're in pieces..."

Me: (pause)..."Hahahaha"

Hahaha. Still laughing.
I love my mom!

Sorry, Apple.


Whitney said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! ;) I love grandma!!

Chess said...

Well, now you can buy a pair of new earbuds, in the most lovely, vivid color of your choosing!! Woohoo! :-)

tscotriverside said...

i'm not sure which is better...the story or the picture. the story. but, the picture is a close second.

Kim said...

Ha-ha-ha! I love it! "No you used to have them"
That's so funny. I also love the picture of the broken pieces scattered about.

lizbiz said...

I don't know why I just found this, but I laughed myself to tears. Thank you for that! :)