Thursday, January 6, 2011

Show Me Some Love

I'm goin' weekending now,
Which basically means I'm going to get stuff done that doesn't involve the computer...
I hope, I hope. No offense, but my eyes need a breather. And my brain.

...and my readers, no?

But no break for you. Not yet anyway. Know why? Cause you guys should comment! Now I know that it's not humanly possible for anyone to be on the computer as much as or more than me...because unfortunately my job, my schooling, my calling and the like are computer-based-ish. Mwer mwer. But would it hurt to at least say, "Hi, girl! I was here! My name's such-and-such!" I'll return the favor, mmmk? Deal?

Oooh, question!
Have y'all noticed my new little comment button in the sidebar -->
Now WHY oh WHY would I put that there? Hmmm....

I love y'all, you know I do, but what's the point of having a public blog if my public (psst, that's my bold way of saying "you guys") are privately reading? I mostly just love to hear what you have to say, mmk? Share the love.

Thanks to all those who do already! I'm basking in the love of it!

Have the BEST weekend of your ENTIRE lives, mmk?
Love y'all.

P.S. Will I have some NEWS for YOU tomorrow!!! That is not a question. Stay tuned.


Kim said...

_ _
/ V \
\ / <- This is love, I am showing it to you!
\ /
-Kim ; )

Anonymous said...

Kate was wondering what I was reading on the computer and I said, "Life is Beautiful" and she said, "and cute?" hahaha! I love reading your entries Linds!

Kim said...

Okay, that is supposed to be a heart on my previous comment!