Friday, January 28, 2011

Struggling with Juggling

Thank goodness Friday has finally come!

Yesterday was my long day at school, namely 7a-9p.

And the semester finally decided to do that one thing where you're sitting there all calm and nonchalant and it sneakily adds about a BAZILLION more tasks to your to do list without you noticing until your teacher says, "Well, you've certainly got your work cut out for you," and suddenly you're staring up at a tower of to do's as high as the moon and you think, "OH! That's what they mean by 'reach for the stars'...

Yep! This semester just turned into exactly what I was expecting of my final semester of college...whatever the opposite of 'a walk in the park' is.

A sprint through the desert?

There. Now that I've succeeded at being melodramatic I will attempt something inspirational for all of you who are struggling with juggling, too.


1 - Take a DEEP, cleansing breath

2 - Thank Heavenly Father for these opportunities to grow and ask for His help. Then, read THIS.

3 - Look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I can SO do this!"

4 - Do some jumping jacks in place and take a jab or two at an invisable opponent. Why? Cause it's fun and that's what they do in all the sports movies before they do something really hard.

5 - Ready? Take one step toward your goal

6 - GOOD JOB! Now take another step toward your goal

7 - Keep breathing, laughing, and enjoying every moment. Someday you'll look back on these experiences and go, "Wow! That really changed my life. I really wish I had enjoyed it more."

8 - Whistle while you work. Remember how happy Snow White was when she was cleaning that nasty little cottage? It's cause she made it an enjoyable experience by dancing, singing and laughing.

9 - Keep taking small steps and small victories until you've reached your goal.

10 - Celebrate! PARTAAAY! You've most definitely earned it.

11 - Now get ready to learn something else exciting, new and fabulous about yourself, because the next journey is about to begin

12 - Start back at 1

It's Life.
...and by now I hope you know how I feel about Life.
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Whitney said...

That is EXACTLY what school is. A sprint through the desert. Thanks for finally putting words to what I'm feeling.