Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heartstrings of the Week: Sing Me To Heaven

My grandpa sent this to my mom today and I watched it over her shoulder and cried at how beautiful and powerful her voice is. This is Rhema Marvanne, she's a 7 year-old gospel singer. Her mom was a gospel singer as well, but passed away 2 years ago from a bout with cancer. I think that thought made this video particularly touching. What a sweet gift from God! I bought this song on iTunes, because cello it's amazing, but watching her perform it makes it 10 times more enjoyable...just as is the case with everything else musical. Enjoy!



tscotriverside said...

that's pretty impressive for a little 7-year old girl. now if you can just find a clip of her singing Tomorrow (from Annie) that would be great

Kim said...

SHe very good for being so young , I bet her mom still watches out for her.

Shayna said...

Thanks for sharing that. Sooo beautiful and amazing It's just what I needed to listen to at the end of the day