Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lindsay's Life Lessons - Part II

21. New bed sheets: Wash before sleeping on/rubbing face in.
22. Make your life easier - learn Spanish.
23. If you want to see a miracle, take a human anatomy class. If you want to see two miracles, pass it.
24. No bath is a success without neck pillow, bubbles, scented candles and chick flick.
25. If you want to show someone your soul...sing them a song.
26. Who invented New Years resolutions? The same person that realized it is impossible to diet during the holidays and be completely happy.
27. Deodorant: The quickest way to shower in college ;)
28. Some of the most attractive men on the planet take on the disguise of "nerd."
29. The key to understanding is communication, not assumption. If you must assume, assume the best.
30. Folks are simply hotter who have read the books of Potter.

To be continued...


tscotriverside said...

30....or notter.

Chess said...

28 and 30... truer words have never been spoken.

Anonymous said...

28!!!! I'm so glad! It takes us all time to learn that one.... :)