Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dislike & Love - Part VII

Today I Dislike:

scrambled eggs that smell like fish,

stress-induced breakouts,

the rumbly in my tumbly
(Winnie the Pooh reference? Anyone?),

my pre-backbrace-&-violin-lessons-posture that's creeping back,

waking up at 5:30am,

being treated like "one of the guys",

the Linux operating system
(that's nerd-speak for "really lame computers"),

my daily (YEP! EVERY DAY!) headaches,

hitting the funny bone in my LEG (didn't know my leg had one of the those),

ex-people that insist upon rubbing their relationships in my face
(Because, frankly my dear I don’t give a darn),

. . .

Today I Love:

the fact that my bangs are almost long enough to tuck behind my ear
(WHOOP! WHOOP! The hair! It grows!),

young men that are understanding,

my spinner CTR ring - most entertaining piece of jewelry I've ever had
(it also doubles as a flirtation device - what my friends and I call "F.D.'s"),

the thought of getting off my shift in 7 minutes!,

that The Biggest Loser is on tonight,

living with the best parents on the planet
I get the feeling I'm going to miss seeing them 24/7...someday,

my BFF Travis,

the kind and talented folks at The Design Farm,

my leather aviator jacket,

that I got two of my sisters-in-law to read "Fifteen" by Beverly Cleary
potentially the cutest, most innocent love story on the planet,

Kid History on YouTube,

all y'all for stopping by and being my friends!

Ah. My Love List is longer than my Dislike List...just as it should be!


Jalene said...

FD's!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me look on the good side, and feel better when I read them :)

Thanks Lindsey

Hope S.

Chess said...

I remember reading Fifteen. So sweet. :-)

The Rookie said...

Oh, oh, oh. You are one incredible girl.

Sorry about the headaches--my bestate (best friend/roommate) has the same issue and it is misery for her!

Hooray for all things good in life. And I must track down a copy of "Fifteen" for some lovely, innocent chick-flickery!

tscotriverside said...

i'm happy to be in good company on the love list...

things i dislike...posting on my own blog.

things i love...reading yours.

my two favorites are the dislike/love and randomosity posts. this must be my lucky week.