Monday, March 29, 2010


Does anyone know where the REWIND button is for today?

I seem to have misplaced The Remote Control of Time & Space.

Wait, wait, don't push it yet.

Homework - check

Ipod - check

More than 5 hours of sleep - check

Wallet - check

Student ID - check

Smile on my face - check

Motivation to be here - check


I think I'm ready now.

Go ahead and push it.

. . .

. . .

P.S. Moabular photos coming soonish.


Brandon said...

Limiting a man's choice to Jane Austen characters seems to unnaturally eliminate most good options — if for no other reason than his own ignorance, coupled with the fear of admitting to have turned in enough man cards to submit to the full exposition of Miss Austen's work. Could you throw our reptilian brains a bone here?

tscotriverside said...

Have you ever noticed how many of your blog posts are time related? you should go back through and count them...