Monday, March 22, 2010

Broccoli's Purpose

I don't like broccoli.

I never have.

I mean, it's ok if you're allowed to put cheese on it,

Or ranch,

Or something equally delicious and fattening that dilutes the nastyness of

what I like to call: bro-coli

But, until now I never really understood

Broccoli's purpose.

When I was little I'd ask Madre,

"Why broccoli?"

She'd answer,

"Because it's good for you."

And so it is with broccoli on The Plate of Life.

It may not taste like it,

But "broccoli" is good for you

And no matter how hard you try to get rid of it,

To sneak it into your napkin or feed it to the dog,

The only way to make it go away, is to dig your heals in

And eat it.

Hey, it could be worse.

Some people get liver,

steamed spinach,

lima beans,

brussel sprouts...

So chow down, folks

Cause there's plenty more where that came from.

Don't worry,

I hear the dessert is to die for.

As my friend Travis says,

"Hold onto your fork,

The best is yet to come."


tscotriverside said...

I actually love brocoli (one c or two?)! But, speaking of green nastyness, my little brother and I went to dinner the other night. We both ordered steaks. When he got toward the end of his, he cut into it and it was green. I guess when the meat is inspected they stamp it...the question is who inspects the inspected meat. Fortunately, it was just green dye and no one got sick, however, we both lost our appetites. The head chef was kind enough to give him a voucher to come back and get another steak.

So, that was a tangent. It is unfortunate that we sometimes have to eat 'broccoli' before we're allowed to have our 'dessert' but, such is life.

pumfor - sounds either like a new character from Harry Potter, or one more gross vegetable. 'You gonna eat your pumfor, Pumfor?'

Leon said...

You make me sad [that you don't like broccoli]. Come along, Patsy!

Jessica Leigh said...

Maybe I'm just weird, but not only do I LOVE broccoli (steamed, sautéed in a little olive oil and salt, raw... whatever), but I also love brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach (though not steamed), cooked cabbage...

Lima beans and liver... I'll pass...

haha... maybe you'll find a way to like them... My grandpa never liked brussel sprouts until he ate some of my mom's at the age of 82... she had just done them up differently!

Mrs. Blimes said...

I heart this post! And your blog too by the way! Your post a bit ago about runnung and your dad being there to cheeer you on almost made me cry. So thanks!