Thursday, March 11, 2010

PPP Giveaway!

Voile, folks!

Life Is Beautiful presents our (my) first ever GIVEAWAY:

"Master Your Metabolism"
by Jillian Michaels

What's the occasion you ask?

Well friends, this morning I weighed myself,

Which is not my favorite pastime,

But this time, I was pleasantly surprised to see

That all my hard work

(i.e. eating healthy and exercising at least 45 minutes every day)

Has paid off!!

5 pounds, GONE!

That feels so good!

In fact, today on the way to school Dad said,

"No amount of donuts in the world can bring you the feeling
That you get from eating right and exercising."

I give my hearty "Amen!" to that statement.

So, in the spirit of health and generosity,
I am bestowing upon one lucky reader,
One of the many sources of my health,

Full of recipes, exercise tips and a whole new way of taking care of your health!

Madre, Dad and I have been following this book's diet and exercise plan for two weeks
And it's been fabulously rewarding to see the results and share in one another's successes!

To enter
Please comment on this post
Email: - Subject: "PPP Giveaway"
with the following information:
a) Your favorite nutritious recipe (snack or meal)
b) Your favorite way to exercise and why
c) Your motivation to get fit and stay healthy
d) Your fitness goal(s) (i.e. "lose 20 pounds" or "size 4 pants" and so forth)
e) If you haven't already, add the PPP button to your blog and inspire others to be healthy with you!

Good luck, one and all!
Get motivated! Get fit!
Be happy!


Leon said...

a) To be honest, steamed broccoli has got to be my favorite. Take some broccoli, and steam it. Maybe put a little pepper or (if you can afford the calories) cheese. :)

b) Swimming. It's kind of like tithing in a way because everyone gets a proportional workout no matter how in shape they are. Plus, I have webbed toes, so I feel like I just belong in water.

c) Skinny jeans and, like you said in the post, it just feels good! I used to get sick all the time, but when I take care of myself by staying healthy, I feel about 1.3 million times better and rarely (if ever) get sick.

d) Fit into those size 32 super skinny jeans. No joke.

e) .... i did....but it didn't match. Maybe you can help me with that one. :)

tscotriverside said...

a) my favorite recipe is the salad bar at Jason's deli.

b) the best way to exercise is with a partner, they help keep you motivated and honest.

c) i'm not getting any younger.

d) to be in the best shape of my life by age 30. by the time the snow melts off the mountains, the snow will melt off the mountains.

e) done AND done!

by the by, i feel it necessary to go through and click the I'm Smiling O.L. button on each post BUT I will resist the temptation...for now.

Jessica Leigh said...

a) I LOVE to eat Salmon. Absolutely fabulous :) (thank you costco!) And do you realize how good it is for you? Yeah... like I said: FABULOUS! And I usually have it with either asparagus, broccoli, or green beans which have been cooked in a frying pan with just a bit of olive oil and sea salt. Oh. And rice. Brown is good. Or the new grain my family discovered called Quinoa. I think it may be my new favorite.

If it's snack time, I'll take dried berries and unsalted almonds. Very sustaining. You get sweet, tart, crunchy, chewy and protein at once! Not to mention that I just love almonds.

b) DANCING! That's how I grew up. It's not even exercise in my mind. (PS - did you ever make it to Zumba? I SO NEED TO GO!)

Or basically anything with friends. Or whatever I happen to be in the mood for that day. (bike, swim, run (elliptical, etc. NO to the treadmill and only minimal street running.)

c) I just like to feel good! (and look good) and I don't want to ever have to give up activities I love because of health issues related to weight gain. And when it comes to eating... fresh foods just taste so much better and are so much better for you! I mean, c'mon, does anyone plan on living off ramen for their whole lives like they did in school? Yeah... that was never and will never be me. I like to cook :)

d) If I could lose another 10, that would be nice! But I'm pretty good where I'm at... let's just be able to stay in the range of that new bathing suit ;)

e) Yes ma'am! It's there... it's even the right color for my blog.
♥pinkypromises (still make them)

Emilee said...

a)Nothing to fancy but I love my bowl of oatmeal in the morning with fresh blueberries, yum!

b)I love running but recently I bought Jillian Michael's No more trouble zones exercise DVD and it is awesome!

c)My motivation is my family. I want my kids to learn how to be healthy by staying active and eating nutritious food.

d)My fitness goals are to lose 10 pounds and get more toned.

e)I added the PPP button.

Just came across your blog from Or so she says...Cute blog!