Thursday, April 1, 2010

Red Rocks. So Does Moab.

Spring Break seems like so long ago, especially with all of this wet, cold, nasty snow trying to steal Spring's thunder (figuratively speaking). Well, the snow cannot take away the magic of reliving Spring Break through picture form...

My sister-in-law, Kara, pointed out one reason she loves Moab - everything is set in complimentary colors: orange rocks against the blue sky, green sage against red rocks...not so much yellow & purple in there, but you get the idea.

Landscape Arch...looking more and more like "delicate" arch.

Feathy and I take this picture each time we go to Moab. I'll have to post them side-by-side.

And you thought being a 3rd wheel was bad... jk ;)

Cute Madre, I love her.

Ok, I love (LOVE!) the trees at Arches. Each one has so much unique character and personality... that said, I apologize in advance for how many pictures I took of them. I just couldn't get enough. Cello, they're ancient.

The trail back down to the parking lot from Delicate Arch. Isn't it beautiful?

Another thing I love about Arches is that you can find SO many images in the weathered rocks. This one is one of the Window Arches. I think it looks like the front facade of a house with a door, window and a chimney on the left. Do you see it?

Feathy & Joseph are a cute couple. They stopped in the middle of the trail to take a picture of themselves, so I took one of them, too.

More Window Arches. Kara called them "Zorro's Mask."

Ok, tell me you don't see a lion in this big guy. Just picture it saying, "Simba," in a booming voice like James Earl Jones' and you'll see what I mean.

Double Arch in all its (their?) glory.

Moab love.

This is the Devil's Garden loop (roughly 6 miles). And yes, that is a giant puddle that we got to climb around. It was intense. The trail marker said "Primitive," but what it should've said was, "Primitive indeed," as one man cautioned as we passed on the trail.

So steep! Look at my sweet gentleman of a dad.

Mom came right down behind me and nearly plowed me into the puddle, so I slid a bit faster.

And we all laughed pretty hard when the "ordeal" was over. Especially me, cause I'm a laugher.

Yeehaa! Conquered that massive puddle!

The trail was SO cool. We all agreed that we felt more like explorers than tourists. This li'l beauty is Double O Arch.

Trees growing out of rocks.

We stopped at Private Arch for some Subway deliciousness and rejuvenation.

Beautiful view. I love the fins.

Walking on top of the fins, however, is another story. This one was A LOT steeper than it looks. Like 30 foot drop off on both sides and serious winds threatening to blow us off the edge. I think I crawled on my hands and knees the whole way down.

See why I love the trees?

We all survived and lived happily ever after!

The End.


Dayna said...

Oh, you bought that new bright yellow Aero hoodie! I hadn't seen it on anyone yet, but it looks awesome on you.

Jalene said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Linds! I love them!

Kim said...

Beautifully photographed, my favorite picture is the one of you guys laughing, because I can just hear your heh-heh laugh!

Kim said...

Oh BTW I've been voting for Mr. Knightly every time I visit your blog! :>

Steve and Audrey said...

what a fun trip! my favorite pic is the b&w one of the heart in the tree. SO cool!

tscotriverside said...

Ah Lindsay, it has been a long time since I've gotten long winded and commented on your photos...let's see, where do I begin? (top to bottom).

The first picture is proof that 'timing is everything' and that you should always have a camera with you. But, more than that, you have to have a good photographer to capture the moment. Mostly, I love the framing of this picture, the way the opposing lines frame in the moon.

I always find it amusing when you are on vacation doing all of the same things that everyone else is doing and there are fewer pictures of you. I've said it before but your family is lucky to have you there to capture such great memories with your talent.

Aw, cute sister pic with the arch in the background.

Fifth wheel is definitely worse. Was that picture planned or was it just the way they happened to be walking? Either way, I like it.

Is that a leaf buried in the sand?

I miss your macro shots, the black and white contrast of the cactus and the prickly things make it even better.

It's always nice to find a person after my own kind who loves pictures of random trees. While I like this one, I think my favorite one is the one you took of the Dr. Seuss tree.

What's a vacation without a mother-daughter picture. I like that even though you're in this one, you were still the one taking it. makes me smile and speaking of smiles yours (you and your mom) are both beautiful. And, it's amazing how much you look alike. It's almost like a 40-year reflection...if only you were wearing the same outfit.

I will say this about the trees that you took pictures of...they have a lot of character. They show the wear and tear brought about by the elements of time and nature...and in some cases people (referring the carving of the heart in the tree).

I think your mom, dad, and heather are trying to decide if it's a bird, a plane, or....a delicate arch.

Again, Heather and Joseph were lucky to have you along to get great pictures of them. I can only imagine how much they appreciate them.

My favorite thing about the Zorro's mask picture is that I found an even better comparison:

You might have to copy and paste that one, but tell me it doesn't look the same. It's the turtle from Never Ending Story. :)

The next one totally reminds me of Lion King.

I won't bore you by going through each individual picture. Suffice it to say that I always love seeing your pictures and admire the way that you can tell a story with them. There are some that have so much feeling and emotion to them...the last picture is the perfect way to end the post.

You have an amazing eye and an even better ability to capture things that other people might easily overlook. Thanks for sharing the pictures.