Monday, March 8, 2010


This week is going to be crazy.

You know those weeks when your teachers plot against you
And make all of your projects due at the same time?

It's one of those weeks.

And, ya know,
I was almost about to label this week with a big ugly stamp:

So close.

But we all know why that would be ridiculous, right?

it. doesn't. matter. that. much.

Oh-ho-ho, those little secondary superficialities think they're so clever,
Always trying to weasel their way onto my list of "Life-Altering Importance."

Step away from the list, little inconsequential predicaments.
I'm not going to spend my whole week wallowing in worry.

I will simply do my best

And if I fail,

Guess what!

Flowers will still grow,

Winter will still snow,

Roosters will still crow,

Rivers will still flow,

Farmers will still sew,

Breezes will still blow,

The Earth won't spin off its axis,
Go careening into space,
Slam into the Sun
And cause the end of human civilization.

Everything will be ok.


Life is for living,

For loving unconditionally,

For serving those around you
Regardless of whether you "have time" or not,

For learning from mistakes over and over
And realizing that you're imperfect just like everyone else,

For trying harder each day,
And making sure that when you do fail
(because we all fail sometime or another)
You have someone who will give you a hug.


Breathe in.


Breathe out

And have a good day,


Then tomorrow

And so on.

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Leon said...

Regrettably, as I loaded the page, the image didn't show. I loaded again, and no image.

I still loved this post, The Hess, as always! And I'm sorry for being a poor blogger buddy lately. :/

The Bell