Friday, March 12, 2010

Story of My Life

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend and that the sun sticks around for a long long time! Go away till next Christmas, snow. K? Thanks. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Brian Regan tonight! WAHOO!

P.S. Anyone know how to make my header look as crisp as these images?

P.P.S. I'll announce the giveaway winner next wednesday, so make sure you enter! :)

*All images copyright of Lindsay Kay. Thank you.


tscotriverside said...

Love the book about the header.
It is the perfect way
For you to
Explain what each symbol means.

It shows the things you like and
Says a lot about your perspective.

Best of all it is original in
Every way.
AND, only you could be that
Unique and creative with your
I'm glad that you are my
Friend and can share with all of
Us that follow you blog your
Love for life and it's beauty.

That's all. Awesome.

Jalene said...

i think the header looks crisp! you are so creative linds! i don't even know how you did all that. wow!

Leon said...

The Hess. I think I frequently use the word wow while I read your blog. This is another one. WOW!

Can you make the image you used for the header twice as big and then try uploading it again? It might shrink it down but keep a higher resolution. Or, and I'm not sure if this works, but save it from illustrator as a pdf and try uploading it that way. Since pdfs are vector images, they always look crisp. At any rate, I'm with Jalface when she said, "i think the header looks crisp!"

Again, I've written too much. Have a nice weekend!