Sunday, March 14, 2010

Or So She Says...

I was featured on "Or So She Says" today
Check out some of my graphic design tips here!

Thanks, Jessica & Mariel!

P.S. Anyone notice the crispness of my header? shaBAM! Tip: Upload to your header to your favorite stock photo website and upload the "Direct Link" to your blog "From The Web."

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tscotriverside said...

i remember looking through all of those things on your original facebook profile and thinking how creative they all were. you definitely have an 'open-mind' like the majority of artists...hey the open mind thing goes along well with the picture and i didn't even mean to do it. love it when that happens. you should repost that as your facebook profile pic and say, Lindsay Hess is open-minded!

tooti, c'mon talk about the best word verification word...i don't even have to explain it. sometimes when you're trying to be creative you have a brain-tooti :)