Friday, March 19, 2010

Girls Night Out and a Dash of PPP

Last night my two sisters, Madre and I began our monthly tradition of getting together for some much needed bonding time. We started the evening with dinner at Madre's favorite Chinese restaurant: The Mandarin. YUM-A-LICIOUS!

My Greek neighbors started this place before I was born and it's been a family favorite for years. Don't ask me why they didn't start a Greek restaurant, cause I'm not really sure, but I do not mind because, cello, how could I live without Honey Walnut Shrimp and Almond Chicken?
(Answer: I couldn't) Are you drooling?

See how quaint and Chinese-y it is? It's just a fun atmosphere with friendly service and a fantastic menu...what more could you want? I haven't tried their desserts for a while, but they look amazing and they're made my Angel (my neighbors daughter) who is basically a gourmet. She makes us a plate of Greek desserts every Christmas and they are divine, to say the least.

{These photos ^ from The Mandarin website. Check it out.}

Notice: This is not a Pinky Promise Project recommendation.

Nope, I'll be spending most of my day at the gym, thanks :) (totally worth it)

. . .

This week I learned (from a certain cheesecake indulgence) that you don't have to live without your favorite foods. Just eat them sparingly. It's true! I still lost another pound after eating a slice of 1,200 calorie cheesecake. Granted, I kicked my own trash at the gym, but that's because I've made a deal with my body - it's a give and take. I exercise it on a regular basis and it allows me a treat now and then.

You don't have to completely deprive yourself of everything you've ever loved about food. I promise, life will be miserable if you do. At the same time, don't indulge your every craving if you're not willing to accept the consequences. It's a balance.

Small portions. Mostly nutritious. Irregular caloric indulgences. And daily exercise.

Don't be afraid to kick your own trash at the gym and sweat buckets.
It feels good and your body will love you.

Ok, sorry... I went PPP-crazy on you, all the sudden.

. . .

After dinner we went over the Feathy's new(ish) house, had a tour and spent the rest of the night chatting and bonding. I love my sisters and my mom so much! I'm a lucky, no blessed, girl to follow in their footsteps as I prepare to be a mother, homemaker, and wife. Thank you for your examples and your love, Kimmy & Feathy & Madre. I love you forever!

Happy Friday
(ah, I love this day)

And if you're fortunate enough to have Spring Break
This whole entire week like me, enjoy that, too!

(yes, I just said that)


Kim said...

I'm glad your body is so considerate to let you have a treat once in a while! My body and I are still negotiating our deal! :)
Thanks for a fun evening, I love you too!

tscotriverside said...

i'm suddenly craving chinese food...

i think that's a great tradition to start up. i love it when families come up with excuses to see each other on a regular basis and bond. talk about creating memories that will last forever and it seems like a great way to stay involved and updated in everyone's lives.

maybe I should start a similar tradition with the boys...

enjoy your spring break...i'm sure it couldn't have come soon enough.

jessica said...

Hey thanks for all your insights to becoming healthier and more fit :) i love reading all of your tips! ..just wondering if you could give some suggestions on how you find time in a crazy working/college student schedule to work out every day? Thanks for the inspiration!