Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Matters Most

I walked the week's path and when I came to the end
I looked back to review its long course
But when I saw I'd tread only very few steps
I heaved a great sigh of remorse.

There are weeks that I've run with hardly a rest
And days that I've sat to the side,
And yet those few steps that I'd marked in the dirt
Seemed to snuff out my credible pride.

So there, 'neath the trees, determined to pout
Discouraged and ready to quit
I knelt in the brush, tears stinging my eyes
Till a voice whispered, "You can do it."

And out from the trees came a brilliant man
Full of love, gleaming smile on his face
And he stretched forth his hand, and he lifted me up
And he healed me with his warm embrace
By Lindsay Kay
Copyright Nov '09

This is why I love Sundays. It's as if the Savior himself, with his abundant love, fills me from head-to-toe with determination and a new sense of purpose to get me through another week. He knows our potential is great and he is always willing to remind us, but we cannot do it without him. I love him for his patience, his trust and his love.

This week I will do better, for him.


Brandon said...

Lindsay, you really are good writer. Or should I say poet? I enjoy reading your stuff.

lovinlife said...

Awesome, Wids.

Thanks for the awesome thought. I really like the part, "This week I will do better, for him."

AND I could literally see in my mind someone hugging the Savior as I read the last lines of your poem.

You are gifted.

Love you forever, Linds!

Megan said...

Lindsay, I cannot believe how talented you are. Thanks for sharing this!

tscotriverside said...

Hey Lindsay, it's not secret that I love your poems. From the "silly" ones about food, to the spontaneous ones about dancing in the moonlight, to the ones about the Savior...they're all original, creative, and awesome (in the good way).

I appreciate you sharing that thought about "What Matters Most", i know at times I allow myself to get caught up in some of the smaller, less significant things in life and it's always nice to have a little reminder about the things that should take priority in our lives. I even felt a little 'ping of guilt' as I listened to that...

I guess we can all do better. Thanks again for sharing that poem and the whole message in general.