Friday, November 20, 2009

Pictures Past

Today, I was momentarily bored. So I browsed through memories on my photography blog. Having that small business was a stretch for me from the beginning. In fact, it's never gotten easier. It's only been a little over a year now that I've had Lindsay Kay Photography and it has pushed me completely out of my comfort zone and enticed me to climb higher than I ever dreamed possible.

I love photography
(in case you didn't catch on). My beautiful baby, my Nikon d90, is basically my other appendage. One day, someone will interview my n&ns and ask them, "What do you remember most about your Aunt Lindsay?" and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they said, "Is she the one with the camera attached to her face?" Oh gosh I love them, don't even get me started.

Anyway, going through the many shoots I've done,
I have compiled my favorite shot from almost every one of them, for your enjoyment...or at least mine:

*click the asterisk above each picture to see the full shoot

*My sister Heather's bridal shoot. The first bridals I ever took and I dare say my favorites.

*Heather & Joseph's engagement pictures. Personally, taking good pictures is way easier when they're of your family.

*Sabree's beautiful senior portraits. I barely know this girl, but I feel like we're best friends. Stinkin' cute!

*Jalene made this shoot easy. Cello, model! I love this picture.

*Brad & Madison, the first engagements I ever shot. Where my journey all began! Aww, presh!

*The cute li'l Jensen family. This one speaks for itself!

*Morgan & Amy! I love the lighting in this picture (and throughout the whole shoot) but I mostly love these girls!

*This shoot was my brother Steve and his wife Sarah's Christmas present last year. Did I mention I love those kids?

*The Chamberlains! These little men are just adorable and that red door is pretty dang shnazzy!

*Beautiful, Fayth. That was the first wedding I ever did! Oh the memories!

*Heather = Personality. Need I say more? Fun shoot!

*Great shoot. Great style. Great guy. Yes, all my friends are models.

*See what I mean? Love Adam! Love this green wall (tennis wall, go figure).

*The Joseph Smith Memorial Building may be a cliche location for bridals, but the lighting in there is amazing! So is Rachel!

*Heather married Kyle who also = Personality. Fun day!

*VHS musicals have a tender place in my heart. This picture is awesome. That show was basically a high school broadway!

*Beautiful eyes! I love taking pictures of children! This was a fun shoot. Go figure, it's family.

*Speaking of family, here is the aunt and uncle (my cousins) of little miss blue-eyes above.

*AND, this is my other cousin, Lige! He's hilarious and basically just an awesome guy. Going to be a great missionary!

*Sometimes as a photographer you are limited on location and "scenery". I didn't necessarily do a great job finding a breathtaking backdrop for this picture under the circumstances, but the couple made up for it.

*This was my first family shoot. A lot of editing involved in this picture, but it turned out. The key is to try to do as little editing as possible while trying to achieve a brilliant outcome. Still learning that.

I don't know how much more I'll do with Lindsay Kay Photography. I love photography as a personal passion and hobby, but I don't think I've ever fully appreciated it as a business. School is consuming my whole life like a greedy ravenous wolf, but ya know what? I love it! Graphic design is perfect for me and I'd like to think that I'm perfect for it, too. At least I'm trying to be.

Anyway...random thoughts.
Creative know?

Happy weekend, y'alls!

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Leon said...

Great work, the Hess. :) Also, I never thought Disney looking at the signature, even after you mentioned it.

Jessica Callor said...

i love that signature.. so precious!! you're pictures are beautiful.. nd your sisters husband is a hulse right?? i knew i've seen that picture before! his family is in my ward.. small world! :) ..xoxo!

Brandon said...

Really some great pictures. The one of your sister is beautiful. And, I know Sabree. I taught her French for a couple weeks last year as a substitute.