Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today, Jalene asked me a question.

It was a question that made me cry a little,

But mostly out of happiness for her.

Jalene is in love.

As are a lot of my friends.

And it's kind of weird that they're almost all married.

It makes me hopeful and happy!

...and a little bit lonely.

Though, never alone.

Is it strange to miss someone you've never met?
Or to love someone you've never talked to?

Dear Someone,
I look forward to meeting you,
Or to realizing that I've known you much longer than I ever dreamed possible.
Don't stop searching, I am here, growing patiently,
And praying for you.


lovinlife said...

How do you know you *haven't* talked to him?

Little did I know I'd known my someone for 4 years before we got married. :)

Love you, Linds. It'll happen sooner than you think, and he'll be amazing just like you.

Jalene said...

love you, Linds.

Tyler Clawson said...

That's really touching Lindsay, naked honesty about your desires. I appreciate that. May he never stop searching :)