Friday, November 19, 2010

Lindsay's Life Lessons - Part I

  1. Never eat something now that was boiling in the microwave just seconds ago.
  2. Avoid public transportation at night.
  3. Exercise fixes nearly everything.
  4. If exercise doesn't fix it, shopping will.
  5. Children's storybooks with minimal words usually fail as full-length movies.
  6. If you wouldn't say it in person, for heaven's sake, don't text it.
  7. There's nothing quite so nauseating and mysterious as finding a hair ball in the middle of your muddy buddy (true story).
  8. "He's single, you're single" is not a good enough reason to set someone up on a blind date.
  9. If you're discouraged, reading the news won't help.
  10. The best kind of ballroom is the kitchen.
  11. Happiness doesn't require money, just creativity.
  12. Sunglasses: The power to stare in secret.
  13. Recognizing someone from your first grade class after 17 years tends to freak them out.
  14. School is much easier when you love what you're studying.
  15. You know the world is corrupt when animated movies are rated R.
  16. Hats: The easiest way to not do your hair.
  17. The toilet is not a garbage disposal.
  18. If you want to know the true character of someone, observe their behavior at the gym.
  19. There is nothing quite so fulfilling as creating something out of nothing.
  20. Relying solely on technology to run your life is completely unhealthy.
To be continued...


Shelby Lou said...

I love number 17 because it is totally random. Plus it leaves me thinking.. what were you trying to flush?! haha

Adorably Distracted... said...

I love all of these!

Kim said...

What's a muddy buddy? I remember faces better than most people too, and I sometimes get the same freaked out reaction. But now I don't let it bother me, I just have fun with it.

The Rookie said...

Love this entire list! Especially #6.