Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 3rd Eye - Day 42: That Darn Cat!

Last week or so, Madre discovered several new additions to our backyard aviary: Daddy and Mommy Quail with 8 tiny little babies living in our garden window well, hidden behind a shrub. They were (yes “were,” I’m getting to that) so fun to watch and hear their precious little chirpings… unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who watched and/or heard them.

Have I ever told you that I strongly dislike cats? There are few exceptions, i.e. Jalene’s cat Rusty and a cat in my sister’s neighborhood named Garfield, but basically all other cats, me no likey! Here are several of my reasons:

b) They’re lazy

c) I’m deathly allergic to them

d) They scratch

e) They think they own the world

f) They keep me up at night

g) That one scene from “Lady and the Tramp”

h) They’re creepy, especially at night with their glowing eyes

…you get the point

So, you may have noticed that I left out reason A. Well here it is:

a) They hunt down and kill (not eat, just kill) poor defenseless baby quail and leave their little broken bodies all over my yard!

My apologies to you cat lovers, but that’s pretty L.A.M.E. if you ask me! Poor Mommy & Daddy Quail!

That is the end of my tragic quail…I mean tale.

The End.


Natasha said...

Aww, did the cat kill all of the babies? Poor babies (and poor parents). :( Yhey were so cute.

Kim said...

Poor witto fings! That's sad.