Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm not stupid...

…I’m just really good at acting.

Stupid Lesson #1:

When the bottle of self-tanning mist says,

“Spray…at arm’s length”

It means it!

Stupid Lesson #2:

Don’t run outside in the sun when it’s 92 degrees.

Stupid Lesson #3:

Don’t try out the new-fangled “bare foot running” technique when it’s 92 degrees outside.

Stupid Lesson #4:

Football turf is NOT a cool relief to burning feet like grass is

…so book it to the shade and put your socks back on.

Yep, yep, yep.

All in a days work!

I’d show you pictures of my blistered feet and “sun-streaked” legs

…but I’m not THAT stupid ;)

How boring would life be if you couldn't laugh at yourself once in a while?

P.S. I just have a lot to say today, I guess. Tell you what, I'll give y'all a breather for the next couple of days…let you catch up, you know ;) Have a lovely weekend!


Leon said...

I don't want a breather.

The Rookie said...

It is a relief to know I'm not the only one that doesn't think certain things through. Like hiking in 100 degree heat yesterday.

And as self-tanners go: I use the lotion, but I mix it with regular lotion, of course avoiding ankles and knees. I also apply it with a medical glove on my hand to avoid that nasty "it looks like I've been tracing my hand with a burnt orange magic marker" effect. It is incredibly gradual.

Kim said...

Oh your poor feet, ouch!