Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Holy moly, I am TIRED...oly!

I feel like I haven’t been home this whole summer…

which, of course, is a mild exaggeration...

but mostly true.

I am blessed to go on so many fun vacations,

I am absolutely 100% aware of this blessing,


I. Love. Being. Home.

Nothing compares to home.

photos of my most recent adventures coming shortly

P.S. Um, CELLO! You guys & gals bring eye-to-eye smiles to my face! Thank you ever so much for your lovely commentations. I love hearing from you! :D Keep it up!

Happy Day!

Do something fabulous,

like blowing bubbles OR sidewalk chalk OR cloud-gazing!

Hm...don't mind if I do.


Chess said...

Sidewalk chalk. I have two tubs, have been meaning to use it. Hmmmmm.... :-)

(Glad to hear I'm not the only one having slight boy issues. Hope yours work out!)

Leon said...

I feel. The exact. Same way. Too many. Full stops.

Kim said... could fish in a stream, or lazily dream , or watch all the clouds in the sky....