Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like An Egg

I cracked.

I had to.

I’m currently undergoing the SLOWEST, DRAGGINGEST, most MIND-NUMBING & MONOTONOUS work shift in the history of the universe!!!! (that’s 4 exclamation points worth of boring)

No WAIT . . . . . . .

Ok, yes. Yes I am.

So, here’s the slightly incoherent update of my latelies:

room cleaning. book of mormon reading. spray-on tanning. half marathon training. school clothes shopping. orange nail painting. boring working. sister sleepovering. double cousin blind-dating. karaoking. amazon scouring. facebook breaking. brother logo designing. 5am waking. salad eating. ‘losing it with jillian michaels’ watching. school scheduling. madre cooking. parade-spot saving. walking and walking. googling. feet itching. bus commute napping. chocolate craving. nothing but ponytailing. not so good sleeping. shin splinting. blog book making. emailing . . . and somehow still breathing. not complaining.


Hope you're all enjoying the remaining drops of summer, too!

P.S. Smile.

P.P.S. Are you smiling? Good.


Chess said...

I looooove watching Losing It. Must catch up on this week's episode. :-)

Kim said...

You forgot pro tennis playing! Thanks for a fun time, can't wait for the next time!