Monday, November 29, 2010

When Snow is Like School

Hoooo boy.

I knew today would be hard after that beautifully long weekend of family and holiday fabulousness...but I never could've anticipated how hard.

In short, I'm tired.

And sometimes, when I'm tired, I'm short...
...tempered that is.

Oh, and that to do list of stuff I had for this weekend?
Not done.
Heh heh.

It snowed quite a bit this week, which phenomenon I love. I have never lived in a warm tropical climate before (Northern Utah's about as far from palm trees as I've ever seen), but I imagine that I'd cry when December 25th rolled around without a healthy heap of Mother Nature's Christmas confetti. Sad day indeed.

This morning however, I was not feeling so lovey dovey toward the wet cold stuff.

In fact, my Facebook status right now reads:
"Snow is like School: It's great in theory, but you still have to drive through it ;)"

But you know what? I think I'll be ok.
Happiness is a choice made significantly easier by counting ones blessings.

Here's the biggest "for instance" I can think of:

I'm going HERE on Friday!
Ah. Yep, that makes everything better.

I might just need to carry this picture with me everywhere I go this week to instantly transform my gloominess into ecstaticness. Yes, I think I shall!

photo via

Life is Beautiful.
Snow and all.


The Rookie said...

Driving through the snow (and school, frankly) really does stink. I left uber early, however, and made it here before my 9th graders started popping in for their usual first period shenanigans.

And the temple on Friday--totally perfect anecdote for the dismal end of a stressful semester! I wish I'd had it while in college.

Grace said...

oh yes today is hard. i think i enjoyed my 5 day weekend too much. and don't worry, i didn't get anything done either. hehehe.

audrey said...

going there, like going through??! congrats lindsay! seriously, nothing better in this world than that experience. so happy for you!

Jessica Leigh said...

Basically an echo to Audge... going through?!?! LOVE! :) Beautiful. Wonderful. Perfect.

That is all... Loves!

PS -- the verification code I have to type is muggle... though they spelled it mughl... heehee ;)