Friday, November 26, 2010

Feasting with My Favorite Family

This Thanksgiving I volunteered to make an apple pie and the mashed potatoes...a domestic leap of faith indeed. Especially when you take into account the culinary expertise of the women in my family...

ShaBAM! Pretty good lookin' huh? For a pie. It tasted pretty dang yummy, too!

Here are all the fabulous chefs in the kitchen.

We had our get together at a church building this year, because, well, I've got a huge family...and I LOVE IT! I wouldn't have it any other way.

We sure missed Steve & Sarah's family this year. And Joseph & Feathy's clan didn't come till pie time, but it t'was still a blast to be with everyone.

"Mmm, these mashed potatoes are SOoo creamy" - "Mary mashed 'em."
Name that movie! :)

Kim and Madre tasting the gravy. Dad - our designated turkey carver.

The rest of the guys were out in the gym, gettin' their game usual.

And VOILE! Here we all are, giving thanks and digging in. I love my family!

I am one blessed girl.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, friends!


Chess said...

We have to have our Thanksgiving get-togethers at a church too. BIG family. Haha!

I know the movie. One of my faves. So in response, I shall leave you with:

"My foot slipped INTO the shoe!"

Natasha said...

"I like blondes. Chubby ones."

Great movie! Looks like a fun Thanksgiving. :)

Whitney said...

I took 2 of those pictures! :) I feel so famous! Haha. It was so fun yesterday! Love ya!

Catherine Anne said...

Hey, Luce. Nice...uh... sweata.

Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving!!!

kristin said...

ooooh i made an apple pie too, but yours is WAY prettier!! good job!

lovinlife said...

"John Wayne was tall."

"You were trying on my shoes!?"

and this last one isn't a quote: the part where the kid falls off his bike.

Um, having Thanksgiving at a church was a blast! It was fun playing elimination and volleyball!