Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Safe

Tonight for our RS meeting, OPSGEAR came and presented their Women's Self Defense Seminar to us.

Ok, can I just say...Elizabeth Smart is EXACTLY my age! Like same birthday, year, everything...and I have to admit, that I haven't opened my bedroom windows to this day, because what she went through is truly my worst nightmare. I think I would rather die. But wow, I love that girl. I'm so impressed by her strength. Blessings in heaven for her. She's seriously my hero.

Anyway, because of what I learned tonight concerning self defense and awareness I feel more confident, which is a big deal for me. If I were to get into a dangerous situation, I could get away. Can you say that? I don't know who here has seen the movie "Taken"...but that WILL NOT happen to me. Because a) I don't talk to random guys in foreign countries, b) I don't travel alone. Like, seriously, you can avoid these situations by just being smart, most of the time.

So, be safe and watch this and the other free, beneficial tips provided by OPSGEAR, mmmk? Much much better SAFE than SORRY.

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