Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can't Wait

…to graduate!

{Let's be honest, if I had time this would look a lot better}

I'm convinced that May could not come any slower!
Then again, it makes me sad when the holiday season flies by...
BUT, as soon as January 1st hits, I'm expecting a pick up in the pace!

I can't wait to have time to do stuff again. This'll sound weird, but I want time to do graphic design...Like my OWN projects and most likely some CAREER! GASP!

I can't wait to have time to draw! Holy cow, I miss that! I'm oil painting for the first time tonight and I have a feeling I'm gonna want more time to do that, too.

I can't wait till I have time to write again. There are stories and poems itching in the back of my brain, just waiting to be written down!

I can't wait to have time to clean my room...and actually master how to keep it that way, for once. Sheesh!

I can't wait to have time to "kidnap" each and every one of my n&ns and spoil them (and myself, I'll be honest) with a day of unending fun.

Oooh, I can't wait till I have time to bake/cook. BUT, I am making the mashed potatoes and a pie for Thanksgiving. I'll post pictures! I'm so excited to be in the kitchen!

I can't wait to have time to read. Oh yes. So many books, so little time.

I can't wait to have time to sleep in for a couple more hours...till, I dunno...7am?

I'm so anxious.

I just can't wait to have time...period.

But for now...
...gotta go live it up,
Homework style!

I have a feeling I'm actually going to miss that someday, too.


Laura said...

YES! I'm getting my degree in Graphic Design too and graduate in June. I get this. I get it soooo much! Can't WAIT!

Cori and Colin said...

I'm so right there with you Lindsay!! It feels so close, but so far away!!! I hate thinking of all the fun projects you want to start and that have that reminder that studying is more important at the moment!

Chess said...

I get to do those things too!! In less than a month! Woohoo!

You will get there!!

Leon said...

Drawing? Oil painting?! KIDNAPPING?! I think your talents grow by the minute, The Hess!