Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I haven't been great at updating lately, so...

Remember THIS shoot? I needed a couple more pictures of the antiques by themselves for my project, so I did this shoot. I love reflective objects. That sounds strange, but they're my favorite kind of object to "capture"...Exhibit A.

Madre was emptying out our ghost soap dispenser from Halloween into our high-tech automatic everyday soap dispensers. I did a double take after seeing it, then I laughed, then I took a picture. Hahahahaha! How could I resist?

My lovely/handsome N&Ns all came over for FHE and let me take portraits of them. This pic is just for fun, but I bet you can't tell who's NOT a sibling.

We had raspberry cheesecake for Madre's birthday. Yes, I caved.
Don't I always when it comes to cheesecake? YUM!

My sister Heather is enjoying her new handsome witto baby.
And, holy adorableness, I am too!

My 'nother sister, Kim and I went on a shopping spree and hung out for the weekend. Always a good time! Isn't she stylin'? :)

And, her kids have beautiful eyes...

...and they can fly!
  Ok, I have to tell you this touching story: As I turned the corner onto their street I saw 5 little specks at the bottom of the street jump up and down and start running up the street toward me. Those specks were her kids, running to see their Aunt Lindsay.
I think my heart nearly burst open at the seams with love! Thankfully it's still in tact.

I feel for the person that has to ride this home.

Insert angelic choir here:

Nicole and I struttin' our stuff for the midnight showing, Potter style!

Ah, the last moments of Fall. I saw these three trees on campus and had to get a picture of their unnaturally perfect gradation, i.e. orange, yellow, green. Love it!
(Trav, this is the picture I was telling you about)

Happy Wednesday, cute people!


Whitney said...

Im so stoked for tomorrow!!! Ah! It's gonna be a blast! Love ya! :)

Grace said...

It's my first time here at your blog and can I just say how much I love your header! Totally adorable!

And oh my gosh I think I'm going to run to Costco now because that Cheesecake looks oh so scrumptious. Yummy!