Monday, November 22, 2010

I Just Love This

Are you ready?
This is fabulous.

Probably because I'm just so darn obsessed with HP at the moment.
And, c'mon, how many of us can say that we don't practice using accents from other countries? I do it all the time. Seriously, like everyday...without even thinking.

It just makes me happy to see "English" people try to speak "American."




Good times.


Whitney said...

Hahahahahahaha that is awesome!! :) I love how it's so hard for them to say "r's" :)

See you thursday!! :)

ames4eva said...

hehehe, good stuff!

Jalene said...

hahahaha! i loved that! so funny.

Laura said...

Oh dear. I'm from Scotland and live in California. People always ask me to speak in an American accent and I can never bring myself to do it. Haha!

Chess said...

Hahaha! So great. I love Tom Felton. He did the best job. I wish he had had more of a part in the new movie.