Friday, September 4, 2009

Where There's a Will

...There's a Way!

I went into Kohl's today, shopped for an hour and half, and left empty-handed!

(cue gasping crowd)

Honestly, Kohl's has some of the cutest dress pants ever.
Really though folks, am I the only one that is secretly obsessed with dress pants?

Think about it: they are comfortable and dressy at the same time and they make your legs look long and lean no matter what size you are. True story!

The only problem with my obsession is that I'm a college student with messy art classes...thus, when do I ever wear dress pants? Yeah, never!

Someday I'll work in a graphic design office or for Pixar and I'll wear dress pants.
Maybe I'll even wear them as a fashionable mom on-the-go.....

Haha, yeah right!

Pretty aren't they?
That is will power my friends!

1 comment:

Leon said...

My opinion: they're cool. Give in and go get them. Blame it on impulse. That's what I think. Just sayin.