Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blah Blah Blog

Starting a new blog post,
do you ever think to yourself,
"Why am I writing this?"
"Who is going to read this?"
"Why do they even care?"

I do sometimes.

Why does someone in Paris or Key Biscayne or Vancouver
care what I wore to the HP6 midnight showing?
or that I made baklava for the first time?
or that I cut about 3 inches off my hair?

I do not know.
You tell me!

I'd like to think it's the same reason I read Nie Nie,
I think she is inspiring and beautiful and I love the way she writes,

But it's probably more like the reason I read magazines in the waiting room,
they're there, I'm there and I have nothing better to do...

Whatever the case may be, thanks for reading about my random and lack-glamour life.

P.S. A little commentation here or there wouldn't hurt either...hint...hint ;)

Love y'all mundo! xoxo


tscotriverside said...

Starting to read a new blog post,
I think to myself,
"Why am I reading this?"
"Who wrote this?"
"Why do I even care?"

I do sometimes.

Allow ME to TELL YOU why...

I generally won't read a blog unless I know the person who wrote it or I am able to glean something from it.

I love to read the ones written by people that I know personally. It's almost as if they allow you to be a part of their lives for a small moment. It's like "The Neverending Story". On the off-chance that you're unfamiliar with the movie, it's the idea that just as we are reading another person's story, someone else is reading ours. If by writing about HP6 midnight showing, making baklava for the first time, or cutting people are allowed to share your story, then certainly there are those who were with me when I was at the hospital with my friend, in Sun Valley with my family, at the demolition derby in Davis County, etc.

They provide insight and entertainment. AND, stories are always better when you know the characters.

Occasionally, I'll stumble across (with the help of friendLY suggestions) the blog of someone I've never met...these blogs, like the other ones that I read, not only provide insight and entertainment, they can also be educational and inspirational. To see the resilience of another person's spirit, to view the world from another individual's perspective, and to glean from their experience.

It doesn't have to be one or the other when it comes to reading can be both. You can read blogs for the entertainment/distraction value, or for the beauty and inspiration of another person.

Maybe the reason we read other people's blogs is the same reason that we write our own. Sometimes we write about HP6, baklava, and hair cuts for the insight and entertainment they provide. And sometimes we write for the benefit of others and we write about footprints, destiny, or our families.

Whatever the benefit of our blog posting may be, it cannot detract from the fact that we also benefit from writing them. We are able to attempt to arrange our thoughts and to liberate the feelings and emotions that are least partially.

So, long comment longer, continue to write your blog posts about your 'random and lack-glamour' life...if not for yourself, then for the rest of us.

whatyoutakemefor said...

official blog-stalker commencing.. now.
I love it. you are too adorable.

LoriT said...

I read it because you are beautiful, inspiring & I love you ... and the way you write.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good question; I personally read it because you are one mysteriously intriguing individual and the way you write gives me imagination