Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, btw

...I chopped my locks

Well obviously I didn't personally chop my locks
...Cara chopped them for me.
Thanks Cara!

I do like the new do, the only things that gets me is
bangs vs. wind



gabi dickinson said...

I just came across your blog and after reading for a while, I subscribed to it. Your posts are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your heart!

Heather Lynn Hess Hulse said...

"tsk tsk"? Who dat? Why you wearin' a tie? :)

Leon said...

I've ne'er craved so many things at one time. Namely:
1) my hair to be long enough for the wind to blow through it.
OK, only one. Sue me. Hair looks great, btw!

Kim said...

It's super cute!
I maybe a little out of it, fashionably speaking, but
are you wearing a tie? interesting....

Brenda said...

I heard about the couple at work asking for a picture of your how do you say it? "Beautiful" says the wife hair. It's gorgeous. . . of course any hairstyle you have is!

Love ya!

UtahRodina said...

Very cute hair cut. Love the picture!

LoriT said...