Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Empty Chairs

This is my whole family
(until the end of the year when there will be a brand new addition)

If you've submerged yourself in any part of this blog,
you've undoubtedly figured out that they mean a lot to me.

I love them a lot,
every single one of them!

And the best part is,
I get to be with them for the rest of forever
side-by-side and smiling,
hearts full of the best kind of happiness...

no empty chairs


Leon said...

Your family is at least 7 times bigger than my family. My brother could still beat up your brother. Take that.

tscotriverside said...

who is that pretty girl sitting next to your mom? how awkward would that be if it wasn't you? i'm amazed that you can get a picture where you have that many people that are all looking at the camera...i can't even do that and there are like 10 of us in a family picture (the majority of which are over the age of 18).

*this comment's word - foorte...that's almost like 40, and that's almost how many people are in this picture.

Lindsay Kay said...

Confession, I photoshopped a lot of faces. See photography blog for details! :)

UtahRodina said...

That is one awesome family! No Empty Chairs! :)

lovinlife said...

I love them, too! Thanks for photo shopping it, Linds! It looks great!

Love you! No Empty Chairs!