Thursday, September 3, 2009

I threw my clock out the window

...cause I wanted to see time fly!
(Laffy Taffy jokes! Gotta love 'em!)

You know those nights,
after a busy day of non-stop doing, when once again you find yourself in the

h a v e n. o f. h i b e r n a t i o n.

When you collapse your exhaustified self on your bed and lovingly nuzzle your face into your freshly laundered pillow.

When you pull the sheets over your shoulders and around your face, smiling to yourself, literally excited by the sensation of long-awaited comfort.

When you curl up in a fetal position, the crickets chirping melodically outside your window,
and your heavy eyelids close.

When you drift ever so peacefully into a...s u b c o n s c i o u s...s l u m b e r . . .


your alarm is buzzing oBnoxIouSLy in your ear at 5:30am!! You HIT snooze, roll over and attempt to uselessly cling to the wisps of your vapor-like dreams as they


between your fingertips...

story of my life!

So, here's to
good nights,
sleepin' tight,
sweet dreams
that take their own
sweet time!

1 comment:

tscotriverside said...

wait a second...are there two 5:30(s) in the same day?

i feel like i should share the word that it makes me type every time i post a comment. okay, not really but i have to share this one...


how fitting...minus the 'e'