Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pinterest, Poor, Parents & Potter

*Note: Get your clicking finger ready - I went a little "link happy" all over this post :)

Thanks to Kristin,
I'm kind of obsessed with:

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Wouldn't it be sweet to have money to buy things like this?
Being poor is so boring ;)

I have a serious case of "Home Decor" on the brain,
due to the fact that I'll have my own apartment in T-minus 5 months!

This is craziness. I'm growing up!

P.S. For those of you who asked and have been waiting patiently to no avail, my parents got called to be LDS Mission Presidents in...

(drum roll please)

Lansing, Michigan!

We're so excited! :) They're going to be amazing, I have no doubt. I'm so blessed to be the last kidlet at home, cause I get to see their preparation and excitement for this new adventure every single day. They're cute and amazing and I love them. And yes...I am spoiled. No complaints here :)

The best part about this photo is that they didn't plan this:

In other news, I'm wearing my sequin-adorned Gryffindor t-shirt to school today. The one from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Annnnd...I'm wishing I was there right now. Drinking Butterbeer and flirting with Hogwarts students.

But no, I'm here at school. Very much not flirting with college students.
Poor guys, they're just not as magical ;)


kristin said...

isn't pinterest the BEST?! it is so fun! and your parents are going to be amazing. where are you going to live??

Catherine Anne said...

How exciting for your parents! The missionaries in Michigan are so lucky!! I second Kristin, what are you going to do when they leave?

Steve Lamb said...

I love so many things about this post.. Too bad we are poor, but not poor spiritually, eh! I am so happy for your parents! My parents are serving in Ghana, Africa right now and they love it. PS I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but I think you may be borderline obsessed... I like it.

LoriT said...

I don't know about being border-line obsessed with harry potter. I love it so much that I've read the books 4 times (not counting the pass-through I will be on soon)(if my mom will let me. She says I'M borderline obsessed. And honestly, I ALMOST agree. (Notice the capitalization of almost) :) for my 11th birthday I'm doing it Harry Potter style. I'm going to Hogwarts! :) and, if you were to talk to my friends (who like it but are not nearly as "charmed" with it as I am). They would tell you that I ACTUALLY think that I am going to Hogwarts! So, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Oh! and by the way, this is your younger cousin, Ariana. My mom would NEVER write something about Harry Potter in THIS good of a light. :) So... just in case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic too! :)

p.s. Where did you get all that cool Harry Potter merchandise? I'll want to think about using some of it for my 11 birthday party.

you(and Harry Potter)rock! :)