Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good & Not So Good

Woke up at 6am.

Not So Good: I should've gone to bed earlier last night.
Good: Madre put protein (aka energy) powder in my green smoothie.

Went to my first day of Marathon Training.

Not So Good: Running uphill is not my forte. Definitely the hardest workout of my entire life, which is saying something.
Good: Downhill IS my forte, I completed the hardest workout of my entire life, I didn't finish last AND I'm one giant step closer to my fitness goals.

Went to my Pilates class.

Not So Good: I was all sweaty.
Good: I love Pilates. THE best toning kind of exercise there is in my opinion.

Showered, Got Ready.

Not So Good: I forgot to bring an undershirt for my v-neck tshirt, so I have my hoodie zipped up to my neck.
Good: I'm having a good hair day, which I like to think detracts from the fact that wearing a hoodie this way is not flattering at all.

Went to Dad's office.

Not So Good: There were cupcakes there.
Good: I didn't give in and when I told Dad about my run, he gave me a high five. He's my biggest fitness cheerleader! :)

Now I'm gonna have a nap.

Not So Good: No bed here.
Good: The rocking chair in the corner of Dad's office is the next best thing to a bed.

Chin up, friends
It's all good! ;)


Kim said...

This reminds me of that children's book.
"That's Good, That's Bad"
Hope you got a nice rest since that really busy day!

Miss A. said...

Hey lovely Lindsay! Great post :). Totally appreciate how you always counteract a 'not so good' with a 'good' :).

Good on you ;).

And yay for rocking chairs!

Steve Lamb said...

Sorry for all the comments! I am just catching up on my blog reading... I can't believe you are going to do a marathon. I did a half marathon and I crossed the finish line hunched over and cramped up like quasimoto. Basically, I think that you're awesome and I am jealous...