Thursday, February 17, 2011

PPP, Vacations & Shopping

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Wanna know what I just did...

Ok, well let me back up real quick.

This morning I was feeling like "meh", a vaccination gave me the flu and I couldn't sleep last night due to the intense chills and junk. That kind of "meh."

Yeah, not cool.

So, today rolls around and I'm thinking, "Gotta go to work. Gotta make money." So I popped an Ibuprofen and went on my way. La de da.

Work's fine. Shift ends. My next class is at 6...meaning I have 6 hours to kill.

So I went to the institute building, cause I like it there, and I pulled out the computer in an attempt to do some homework. Did a few things...inevitably started web surfing (we'll call it "browsing for design inspiration") and noticing that nearly everyone of my Facebook friends are on or just got back from cruises and/or some kind of amazingly relaxing vacation! And then I see this video about Paris (with amazing typography, I might add):

I know you're all thinking what I was thinking, "Wow, get me to Paris YESTERDAY!"
Yep, so my brain goes into, what we're gonna call 'Need Vacation Mode.'

So what did I do? I pouted a little bit, but let's be honest, that gets us nowhere but a deeper level of potentially more upset. So...I did what every level-headed, warm-blooded female would do under these circumstances...

I went to the mall :)

And what did I buy you ask?

I call them: The Pants.

They're the ones that I am going to hang up in my room as soon as I get home. They're my "goal-weight" jeans, that I will fit into by graduation :) Yep!

These are some other things I bought, because nothing says "fake vacation" like cute blouses and yummy perfume :)

Wanna know what else I'm doing?

I've set up a photoshoot with Jalene (aka J. Taylor Photography) in May.
It's both a graduation shoot AND an "I Made It To My Goal Weight" shoot.
Make goals and reward yourself. Rewards and goals can often be the same thing.

At the beginning of each day, while prioritizing my schedule I also plan my meals. If you plan out beforehand what you're going to eat, you don't end up throwing something dangerous together when you're starving and prone to grabbing the closest, easiest thing. It's true! Try it.

Also, this semester I've been taking Pilates. Hello, rare muscle groups!
This has been such a good thing for my poor back - not to mention abs, legs, arms, overall flexibility, etc. I highly recommend this class!


Last but not least. I'm taking a MARATHON TRAINING class! This is my ultimate cardio/wellness goal. I've always wanted to be able to say, "I've run a marathon." So friends, here I go.

 Whoop whoop! This girl is on a roll... know, one of those really healthy whole grain rolls sans the butter ;)

Get on the health train, friends!
It's leaving RIGHT NOW,
Not tomorrow, not next week.
Right now.

"Pile up enough tomorrows and you'll find you've collected nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays." Thank you, Harold Hill!


Jessica Leigh said...

Ben... Je pense que j'ai besoin d'aller au Paris en ce moment! Merci pour ca... ;)

TheCoys said...

Hey! I'm doing a marathon too (did you see my post about it a few weeks ago?). I feel the exact same way, I've always just thought it'd be cool to say "I did that, I ran a whole entire marathon!"
You should do the Top of Utah Marathon with me in September!!!

Jalene said...

i'm 'cited for our shoot! go, lindsay! you're awesome!

Amberly said...

I'm trying to do the whole "goal weight" reward myself thing right now too. I hate that my pants are falling off because I feel like it makes me feel "Ugh" about it. Maybe I'll have to go get "goal weight" jeans too!!!

Nathan said...

I'm planning on running a marathon this year too! Yay for fitness happiness :D

Miss A. said...

whoops, ignore that comment from 'Nathan Nhan'... I was signed in from my dad's account haha

This is Amy and yes, I will be running a marathon too :P

Keep up those health goals!