Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Much Closer

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I just ran 8 miles without stopping.
FYI, I've NEVER run that long in my life.
(the karate chop sound, in case you didn't catch that)

Remember this?

That seems SOO long ago.
Ahhh. I'm just feeling so good right now.

AND, I cut out 46 strips of paper and made a paper chain to hang in my room, right next to The Pants. That's 46 days till graduation AND 46 days till my "After"/graduation photoshoot with Jalene! :D

I've been dreaming about getting into shape and running a marathon and all these really hard, but completely possible things for such a long time now, but I wasn't getting ANYWHERE because it was simply a dream.

As Diana Scharf Hunt once said,

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."

So...when's your deadline?


Whitney said...

Good Job!! :)

Cori and Colin said...

Lindsay! I love it! Isn't it great to make deadlines for your dreams and to really start doing it?! And I absolutely loved your post from last year. I couldn't help but tear up, it was sweet and so perfect.

Jalene said...

wahoo!! you are sooooo cool! 8 miles! i don't think i could ever do that. i'm so impressed!

and i'm really 'cited for our shoot! you go girl!

TheCoys said...

Man alive! You are awesome. And having run 3 miles again yesterday and having a hard time with that I know how great of an accomplishment that 8 miles is!! I need to get some pointers from you cuz you're doing awesome.

Chess said...

I think the most I've run without stopping was 6-7 miles last summer. When I realized that, I was so shocked. I never, ever thought I could do that before. So this summer, I'm gonna get back into running shape, and maybe run a half marathon. You're an inspiration, girl!

Jill Hess said...

Awesome Lindsay! I am truly impressed!! I wish my running was going as well!!

Whitney said...

You little runner you! That's so great!