Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lindsay's Life Lessons - Part III

31. Avoid watching shows like "I Shouldn't Be Alive" or "Your Worst Animal Nightmares" right before retiring to bed.
32. Drink straws and their wrappers make restaurant waiting enjoyable.
33. If you want to annoy people in a hurry, make that clicking, scratchy, snorting sound in your throat over and over and over...
34. Cleaning your room is either a great pain in the neck or an exhilarating treasure hunt of discovery.
35. People tend to ignore you when you're dressed like a hobo.
36. Listening to classical music while driving decreases offensive driving and road rage...unless you're listening to "Flight of the Bumblebee."
37. Costco's churros will change your life...and the way your pants fit, but it's usually worth it.
38. If your friends are playing an intense game of ping pong and one of them happens to be wearing a slippery pair of gloves...leave the room quickly and consider how good-looking your chin is without a big gash in it.
39. There is something very therapeutic about buying brand new school supplies.
40. Always keep a warm blanket in your car...especially if you live in Utah.
41. European travel is the significantly beneficial and delightfully concentrated version of history class.
42. Every man should own, and wear often, a baseball t-shirt.

I couldn't think of 3 more, so we're ending on 42 today.

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TheCoys said...

Haha, number 39! I forgot about that. Oh Jake Twitchell!

Grace said...

ditto on the blanket. i keep one in my car at all times. loved reading your life lessons.

Jessica Tibbitts said...

genius! haha try the costco churros dipped in the swirl icecream... if you thought your life was changed before, you have no idea!