Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Thinking of Writing Scripts for Soap Operas

My goodness,

I am just too tired to even blink right now.

Like, I'm amazed that my fingers even have the energy to type this.

And it doesn't help that the more tired I get

The more melodramatic I become.

Perhaps you've noticed.

I'm thinking this could be a melodramatically long day.

Just a hunch.

We're talking eons in length!

Like, 5:30p is lightyears from this very moment

And I can't even move more than a centimeter

Without gasping for air

And getting lightheaded.

Except for my fingers, of course.

But my fingers are tired, too, I can tell.

Like, if they had respiratory system of their own,

They'd be yawning,

Like in 10 second increments.


And NOW,

My eyes are so dry from lack of blinking

Due to lack of energy

That they'd probably be able to soak up more eye drops

Than an entire roll of Bounty quilted paper towels could!

Just sayin'

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