Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pens, Planners, Presidents & Portfolio

I woke up the other day with that opera from "Anne of Avonlea" stuck in my head. You know, the one that Anne sings the night before Diana gets married:

"Promise me that someday you and I will take our love togetha' to some sky-y-Y!"

That AND D&C 121:34-36.

Uh, random much? ...Now I'm really wishing I could remember what it was I dreamt about. I'm pretty sure my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

- - -

You know my jacket from Rome? The one that says "ITALIA" on it? The one that has no shape to it whatsoever? The one that I wear because I really love Italy? The one that makes me feel part Italian when I wear it? That jacket? Yeah, I wore it yesterday!

Wearing certain items of clothing makes me really happy. Like the Harry Potter t-shirt I painted for the 7.1 midnight showing? It’s probably one of my favorite shirts EVER (cause, you know, I love HP with a passion)!

So, anyway, I was helping this guy at work yesterday and he asked me if I’m Italian (having noticed The Jacket).

Booyah! I’m telling you, guys, The Jacket! It works every time! :)

"Ora se potessi parlare italiano, sarei completo."
(Translation: “Now if I could speak Italian, I’d be complete.” Thank you, Google)

- - -

A wave of tiredness just hit me like Nacho Libre hits Ramses with his flying eagle dive of awesomeness... Except being tired is not nearly as cool as that.

 - - -

I just got this sudden urge to bake something. In fact I have 6 new recipes that I reaaaally want to try! Yep, 6! Most of them PPP recipes, too! …So it's kinda bothering me that I have so much homework to do tonight. I might need to work baked goods into my design portfolio somehow. Hmmmmm…

- - -

I pretty much ate lunch at 10:19 in the AM today.

Because, well…I was hungry.

I might need to start having more than a green smoothie for breakfast...

- - -

Was President’s Day not the BEST holiday we’ve had in a while? I liked it even more than Valentine’s (not surprising)! I love having 2 Saturdays to get things done! So…um, who’s the Big Cheese over adding and/or subtracting weekdays. I’m going to propose that we turn Monday into a second Saturday. Permanently, I mean.

So I bought a planner a couple of months ago (a super cute one, I might add), cause I thought it would help me to be more productive and on top of things...but I hardly ever refer to it for a glance at my schedule or to do list. Sometimes, writing it down is good enough.

It's the same with asking Madre something like, "Remind me to record Biggest Loser”. She doesn’t have to remember, just the simple fact that I asked her to helps me remember. Is that weird? I hope my memory is that way forever. Doubtful. Highly doubtful.

I think I mostly just like to write my schedule down...

I just like writing stuff period.

Especially with Pilot G-2 07 pens!

Plus, I just like to think I have awesome handwriting (cause I do!)

- - -

I rediscovered something very valuable today. And no, it was not my long lost pair of turquoise earrings. Lame. No, I discovered that taking a time to organize yourself is the KEY to saving time in the long run.

It's true! I am so organized currently...well, at least in one aspect of my life and I am SO much happier.

Take it for what it's worth.
And have a fantabulously random evening!


Whitney said...

My memory works exactly like this!

Kelsey said...

G2 Pilot pens are the best, and they actually make writing/doodling so much fun!