Monday, February 28, 2011

How I Go

I'm in Europe right now in the countryside just outside of Rome, lounging on a sunlit balcony on a really comfy couch with lots of satin, tasseled pillows... like a beautifully lit Jose Villa photo.

I've spent the afternoon painting the surrounding landscape striped with vineyards, dotted with terracotta rooftops and humming to the gentle serenade of a mandolin - strummed by my friend Felice. Hm... No, Francesco! Yeah, cause that's fun to say. "FranCEsco!" ;)

Now, I'm taking a break to eat pasta with bowtie noodles, some sort of delicious garlicy cream sauce, and fresh ciabatta rolls... cause that's what you do in Italy.

This morning, just before the sun came up, I ran along the coast in downtown San Diego. It was 72 degrees with a fresh salty breeze at my back. My sisters (all 8 of them) Madre and I spent the rest of the morning window shopping in the Gaslamp District, eating gelato, and laughing out of pure happiness.

Tonight, a family friend is letting my family take his yacht out on the Mediterranean, just of the coast of Nice, for dinner at sunset. I'm not sure what we're having yet, but I know dessert will include cheesecake and something decadent and chocolatey.

How do I know that, you ask?
Cause that's how things work in my daydreams.

Something's gotta get me through Monday.

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