Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Memo 2 Me: Take Up Boxing

...figuratively speaking of course.

School is putting up a terrible FIGHT!

(Terrible as in the way they use it in the scriptures)

Luckily it hasn't knocked me down yet,


But holy moly, I'm exhausted!


*deep breaths*
(I do that a lot lately, don't I?)

Count a blessing, Lindsay,

Any blessing...


Well, people seem to still accept me despite my lack of makeup today.

Good enough for now, I s'pose.

Man, guys (what a masculine exclamation!) and gals (that's better)

I promise I won't devote ALL of my future posts to complaining about school.

Truthfully, I really do love school...

Hmmm, well no. That was a lie.

Let me amend:


Truthfully, I really do love learning!

The whole "school thing" just happens to be a really convenient way of doing it, learning that is, all in one place from people that usually know what they talking about (I said usually).

Alright, I'll leave you alone until I have something happy to say.

End of spontaneous rant.

Continue with your day,

And send some happy vibes my way if you have some to spare.


Sarah Hatch said...

You're doing awesome! And 5 years down the road you'll look back and be so grateful for all the hard work!

ChloƩ said...

man, you make me want to go back to school and kick some trash! you go girl! i say complain all you want! the fact that you are actually going is way more than i can say! good luck! hopefully you will find some time soon to relax! have a great day :)

Jessica Leigh said...

You'll forever be happy you went to school...

And we have Stake Conference this weekend! And we have the Temple(s) in our back yard! And Heather's having a baby! And John is getting married! Happy thoughts! Right? :)


Kim said...

You brightened up my day, just by giving me a call! Thanks for the love!

tscotriverside said...

surprisingly, this time around, I love school. it probably has to do more with the studying/learning part of it. it's making me wish I had finished it up sooner. but, get back to me in a week after I take my next 3 tests and I may be singing a different tune.