Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes When I'm Bored...

(which is a rare occurrence)

I go here

And make these:

Thanks, mono!
You guys have sweet design skills
...not to mention, face-making skills.

Don't be bored,
Make faces :)

And, do yourself a favor,
Have a fantabulous day!

P.S. 40 followers?! Aw shucks, cute faces!
You rock my bloggin' socks clean off! Thanks for the lovin' :)


Sarah Hatch said...

How does one get so many followers? Are these all people you know? I noticed your friend Jalene has a ton of followers too, how do you guys do it?

Jalene said...

41 now!

haha those are funny. and kind of creepy. especially top right. yikes!

Leon said...

I'm jealous of your 41 followers. Remember when we used to be tied? Sheesh, The Hess.

Good on ya, bee tee double ewe.

Dave and Lindsey said...

haha, that website is so funny!

I work in customer service and I was looking at that website while I was on the phone helping a customer... so FUNNY! i even laughed out loud a couple times and my customers asked what was so funny...

thanks for the good laugh! :)