Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes I complain.


After 22 years on this planet,
You'd think I'd learn that complaining,
Though seemingly therapeutic at times,
Has never (ever) solved a single problem for me.

Haven't learned that yet.

Being natural is annoying
Unless you're juice.

You know,
nat·u·ral [nach-er-uhl, nach-ruhl]
1. Prone to making stupid mistakes over and over again.

I guess you could say,
I'm a natural at being natural,

Until, I remember.

Because, you know,
The reason I'm complaining in the first place is because I forgot.

It's true.
As ridiculous as it sounds,

I forgot that people in Haiti are starving,
And that some people go through life without ever dating,
And that others would die for the opportunity to go to college.

I forgot that I am blessed

And sometimes my vivid imagination runs wild with my so-called "problems,"
Turns stepping stones into stumbling blocks,
And twists my perspective into an indecipherable knot,
The kind of knot that Boy Scouts get badges for.

I have never been good at untying them either,
But I'm getting better

...I think.

I start to tug at the jumbled mess and I find blessings
In every single strand that comes untangled.


Oh look, there's my amazing family!


Hey! How 'bout that! Here's my awesome education!


Well, what do we have here?









Blessings that I forgot about.
Blessings that, one-by-one, restore my perspective back to its beautiful form.

I step back and take a good long look at it,

Like breathing in through my nose while sucking on a pungent mint

My mind clears.

My lungs fill like birthday balloons.

Time almost stops.

And I remember.

Madre turns on music in the kitchen,
And I hear my 3 year-old nephew sing along

I am a child of God

And He has sent me here

Has given me an earthly home

With parents kind and dear.

I am a child of God

And so my needs are great

Help me to understand His will

Before it grows to late.

I am a child of God

Rich blessings are in store

If I but learn to do His will

I'll live with Him once more.

Lead me, guide me,

Walk beside me,

Help me find the way,

Teach me all that I must do

To live with Him someday.

I remember.

I start again.

Because that's Life,

And Life is Beautiful.


Leon said...

2 words, 3 syllables: you are tubular.

tscotriverside said...

honestly, i don't know how you do it. you always find new and creative ways of expressing yourself. talk about creative writing. i don't know which is better what you said, or the way you said it...

Whitney said...

Aww I miss those kiddos! Only 45 more minutes til i see them again! Yaya! :)

Jordan said...

You express yourself so well through writing! These are things which I think everyone feels, though we usually tell ourselves that we must be the only ones. Way to dissect unhealthy behavior into an object lesson that hopefully I can learn to apply! Thanks.