Friday, February 26, 2010

If Friday Were a Man

He'd be my husband,

Because I'm pretty convinced I can't live without him.

He'd be my lasting crush since Kindergarden

The one who'd chase me in kissing tag and I'd secretly like it.


I love Friday that much.

. . .

But wait,

Everybody loves Friday!


Ok, so he'd probably be a celebrity,

The most coveted bachelor

Ever to grace the red carpet with his attractiveness.

Like, "Look out, Brad & Orlando!" attractiveness,

Because we all love him that much!

. . .

But then, the guys would probably hate Friday.

Jealousy, you know.

So, he'd probably have a twin sister,

Friday the female,

Equally as adored and coveted,

A regular on the cover of Vogue and such.

. . .


I'd have posters of Friday plastered all over my walls,

And I'd squeal like a school girl whenever I saw him or heard mention of his name,

And I'd Tvoe his every appearance on Oprah and the Tonight Show,

If Friday were a man.

Because I love him,

Yes I do,

That much!

. . .

Love your Friday,
Whomever he/she may be!


tscotriverside said...

i have to admit, i do have a crush on Friday's twin sister. She's great. I always look forward to seeing her and, while she keeps me waiting, she's never late. I love her.

Catherine Newman said...

Lindsay, I absolutely adore your blog and this entry made my day. You are a fantastic writer!! I hope you and Friday have fun together and you have a great rest of the weekend! :)

Kitty said...

this just made my day. fantastic. adore your writing!!!

Jordan said...

Another insightful, common, everyday observation put to words so beautifully crafted it could be a song! Well done, Lindsay, well done!