Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Smiles

a) My pants are getting too big for me… And not because they’re stretching… Because my legs are shrinking! Mmmhhhmmm! Them legs really like spinning class.

b) There are just enough clouds that you can still see the blue sky. My favorite skyscape! And it's raining, which, despite the fact that I didn't bring a jacket today, makes me very happy.

c) I'm running away to Florida for a week in October and guess where I'm going: HERE and HERE! Good show, ol' chap, I do say! Quite brilliant! (insert British accent)

d) I get to drive home and NOT take the bus.

e) I'm having a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich for lunch. There is nothing quite so deliciously comforting as "kid food."

f) I have a healthy and adorable new nephew. Welcome #25!

g) Tomorrow is Friday!

h) I'm sitting in the most comfortable chair ever manufactured.

Keep smiling, frieds.

Ah-hem...and by "frieds" I mean friends :)


Walkers said...

I love reading your blog! Your so Creative and Cute! Keep Blogging, so I can blog stock you! lol

Brie said...

I love Florida! So jealous :)) Plus, the British accent was a plus. I'm obsessed with that accent! Why can't we talk so proper? Haha

Chess said...

You're an inspiration! You look great! I can't wait until my legs are too small for my pants. They're definitely getting more toned--thank you country swing dancing 6x a week and ultimate frisbee 3x a week--so that feels so good!

Ashley said...

Lindsay!! When will you be at Disneyworld?? Chris and I will be there Oct. 8-18 for an early 5 year anniversary trip!! It would be AWESOME to meet up if you guys are there at the same time! :)

Kim said...

Yea for healthy nephews and shrinking legs!

katrina said...

youre going to the wizarding world of harry potter?


please blog about your experience so i can live through you.